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Motley is UCC’s official monthly magazine, written and edited by its students. We cater for the interests of our readers (including students, staff and those outside the university) through our Current Affairs, Entertainments, Features, and Fashion sections: exclusive interviews, investigations into the college itself, analysis of current affairs, features on local events, articles on all aspects of university life, satirical writings, food and health, the latest fashion trends, extensive photo-shoots, and all things in the world of entertainment from film, TV and music to books, gaming and theatre.

First founded by the UCC Journalism and Media Society in 2006, the magazine runs on a non-profit basis, published each month and distributed free of charge around the university’s campus and various businesses in Cork and the surrounding areas. 

Motley has been awarded the title of KBC Student Magazine of the Year (2013-2016). 

Motley Staff 2020/2021

Editor-in-Chief     Niamh Browne

Deputy Editor-in-Chief     Lisa Ahern

Online Editor     Klaudia Kulas

Entertainment Editor     Seán Edna

Deputy Entertainment Editor   Chloe Barrett

Fashion Editor     Justine Lepage

Deputy Fashion Editor     Sinéad Mckeown

Current Affairs Editor     Ronan Keohane

Deputy Current Affairs Editor Tiernan Ó Ruairc

Features and Opinion Editor     Édith De Faoite

Deputy Features Editor     Sarah O’Mahony