For Ashling (by Alana Daly Mulligan)

Your name means ‘dream’ in our mother tongue; Of course we poets gift our daughters with such. Of course we would bestow them  with something they cannot touch.   We start dreams in A5 copybooks, Then carry them up our civic steps, Say yes to equality, yes to opportunity,  yes to women’s autonomy,   Yet,  […]

Alana Daly Mulligan

Freaking Out: Motley talks with Nile Rodgers

By some miracle, Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer and producer Nile Rodgers agreed to talk with Motley Current Affairs Editor Alana Daly Mulligan about music, activism, his passion for change, and his journey with addiction. 

Music that means something: Laura Duff in Conversation with Motley Magazine

Motley’s Graduate Writer Alana Daly Mulligan speaks with fellow alum Laura Duff about the cathartic power of songwriting, her dad, and her love for Limerick.    For all the words I have in my lexicon, it is hard to find an ample description for Laura Duff. She says she’s good at reading people, but others […]

Facing the Truth While Holding Hands with Controversy: Law-Abiding AI & Crime

Alana Daly Mulligan looks at the use of Artificial Intelligence by police and asks the question, is our privacy worth our protection, and how protected are we? Content Warning: This article contains a discussion of image-based sexual abuse, sexual violence & paedophilia which some readers may find upsetting.    Whether or not you agree with police, […]

Percy Jackson Creator Rick Riordan talks UCC, Celtic Mythology, Disney+ and more.

World-renowned author and recent UCC Graduate Rick Riordan talks with Alana Daly Mulligan about studying in UCC, the power of mythology, the upcoming Percy Jackson series on Disney+, and the politics of writing in the YA stratosphere.  For over two decades, the reimagined world of ancient gods and their progeny in our contemporary present have […]