I think many of us have entire years where they feel they haven’t made a truly great decision. Not just a sound investment, but a decision that feels right and pure and satisfying from the time you made it to when its consequences cease. When Dan called me last July to tell me I could have deputy entertainment if I wanted it, I was right to say yes. Writing and editing this has turned my brain inside-out and introduced me to a new field that I’d never even considered. I knew I wanted to write. Now I know what I want to write and I never want to stop.

And as it turns out, I’ve more debt to repay than the United States Treasury.

Thanks to Mike, Mark, Matt, Gary, EDEN and Craic Boi for giving us the time of day. Extra-special for Mike, for giving me quality mentorship when I was starting off. I still owe you a coffee.

Thanks to Dan for playing a better hand of cards than James Bond in Casino Royale. Relieved gratitude to Tim for not taking me out back and putting me down (‘Tell me about the PPI, George’). Thanks to Niamh for knowing how pop music outside of Old Town Road works today.

Thanks to Carly Fitzgerald, Cailean Coffey, Warren Daly, Julie Landers and Julianne Power. The contributors genuinely made the section and I’ve enjoyed reading every one of your pieces.

And thanks to you for reading.

I strongly recommend you follow the above’s Twitters/Instagrams. As long as they keep creating, you’ll want to follow where they’re going. And hey, maybe throw a follow at @CathalDON1 on Twitter. Can’t hurt.


And the beat goes on,


Music Editor 2019/2020.



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